Guide to Using Konjac Sponge

April 15, 2023 0 Comments

This cosmetic invention, derived from the roots of a plant grown in Asia, turns into a sponge when in contact with water! Asian women are starting to use Konjac sponge for exfoliation, pore cleansing and facial cleansing, and since then it has been spreading all over the world. You may have also seen konjac sponge in beauty salons or on social networks. So, what is a sponge for cognac? how do I use it? Well, you can find everything you are interested in about this magic sponge in this article!

What is a sponge for cognac?

Cognac sponge is obtained from the roots of the cognac plant, which grows in Asia. These spongy roots expand and develop in combination with water. Konjac sponge, which acts as a sponge, is used by Asian women for deep cleansing of the face.

The reason why it is so widespread is because it is gentle on the skin, does not scratch and provides a natural cleansing! You can find konjac sponge, which is also suitable for people with sensitive skin, in cosmetic markets. Although it is popular among people with oily skin, it also deeply cleanses dry skin. It does not dry or mattify the skin. You can use konjac sponge, recommended for each skin type, for skin care.

What does a sponge do with cognac?

  • Gently cleanses the skin
  • Perfectly removes makeup
  • Helps in cell regeneration
  • cleanses pores
  • Reduces the formation of black dots
  • Gently cleanses the skin affected by pimples and prone to acne
  • Gives the face radiance and shine
  • Suitable for use on the whole body

In addition, it does not cause environmental pollution, because it is environmentally friendly.

How do I use it?
Using the product is very simple! First moisten the sponge with water and let it expand. Then apply your favorite cleansing gel to a wet face and apply foam. Now it’s time to clean the skin with a cognac sponge! Always clean your face from the bottom up and move forward in a circular motion. This way, your face will look more energetic and fit.

After you clean your skin with a cognac sponge, we recommend using a mask made of concentrated fabric to enhance the feeling of freshness and take skin care to a new level. You can apply concentrated leaf masks 2-3 times a week after cleansing the skin with a sponge.

What are the types of cognac sponges?

White sponge for cognac: 100% natural, obtained from the cognac plant. Suitable for people with sensitive skin. It is used for deep cleansing of the skin and cleansing it of dirt.
Cognac sponge charcoal black: made of bamboo clay, especially recommended for oily and acne-prone skin. Instead of removing makeup, you should use a cognac sponge with black charcoal to cleanse the skin of sebum.

Sponge for cognac made of red clay: This sponge, made from French red clay, is especially recommended for mature and fine-grained skin. Red konjac sponge, which has an anti-aging effect, Moisturizes the skin and accelerates blood circulation.

Cognac sponge with green clay: with an exfoliating effect, it is used to cleanse dead cells and deeply cleanse the skin. If you want to exfoliate with a sponge with cognac, you should use a sponge with green clay.

Sponge with green tea and cognac: This antioxidant sponge with green tea action acne, makes the face matte and is recommended. for those who have skin defects.

Is it possible to use this sponge every day?
The white cognac sponge is suitable for everyday use. We recommend that you use the original of this sponge, especially in the evening, before going to bed.

Is this sponge harmful?
Konjac sponge is completely natural and does not contain chemicals. This sponge, suitable for alkaline skin care, is recommended for all skin types because it is compatible with the pH of the skin. However, if you do not moisturize the skin and do not perform other skin care procedures after thoroughly cleaning the skin with a sponge with cognac, you may feel dry on the skin.

After removing makeup or cleansing your face with a sponge with cognac, you definitely need to moisturize your skin.

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