Skincare Errors That Harm the Skin

June 13, 2023 0 Comments

The skin is the outer and largest organ of the human body. Its function is not only to protect the body, but also to decorate the appearance. Unfortunately, many people often develop habits that tend to harm the skin rather than beautify it. If your skin is poorly preserved, many problems may arise. From acne, dry skin, dull skin, eczema and so on. Besides making you feel uncomfortable, it can also make your appearance less presentable. To avoid skin damage, it is important to pay attention to daily habits. Have you treated the skin correctly? Are the skin cosmetics you have chosen really suitable for your skin type? Here are 4 skin care mistakes that lead to skin damage. If you make these mistakes, it’s time to put an end to them.

Use hot water while bathing

Bathing in warm water relaxes, especially in cold weather. However, too frequent or too long hot baths can dry out the skin. It is advisable to use room temperature water or cold water. If you want to take a bath with hot water, make sure that it does not happen too often and not for too long.

The choice of facial care products

Face care products are made to order according to the type of skin. Please find out your skin type before determining which product you want to use. For dry skin, we recommend choosing a product containing a moisturizer. For oily skin, it is recommended to use water-based products.

Lazy to take off makeup

For those of you who often use cosmetics, make sure that you always clean your face from the remnants of the product before going to bed. If it is not cleaned properly, it will accumulate and cause various skin problems such as dull skin, wrinkles, pimples, etc.

Be lazy to use sunscreen

When you go outside, it is important to use sunscreen. UV rays can damage the collagen structure of the skin, causing the skin to look dull and sagging. In addition, exposure to excessive amounts of ultraviolet rays can lead to a risk of skin cancer.

Here are some tips you can follow to have healthy and beautiful skin:

Drink enough water

Drink at least 2 liters of water a day to improve skin hydration. Well-hydrated skin will look more elastic and healthy.

Eat vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits contain many useful vitamins for skin health.

Use moisturizers

Especially for those of you who have dry skin, moisturizing is one of the skin care celebrations that you should perform every day.

Avoid cigarettes

Cigarettes can damage blood vessels, so blood flow to the skin will slow down. As a result, the skin will become dry and dull.

Know your skin type

Knowing the type of skin, you can choose the right cosmetics to maximize the result.

Choose natural ingredients

Use cosmetics made from natural ingredients. Avoid products containing chemicals, as they can cause skin irritation. In addition to good skin health, products containing natural ingredients are also environmentally friendly.

Don’t forget about the scrub

The use of a facial and body scrub is aimed at helping to cleanse the skin of dirt in the pores. This habit will make the skin healthier.

I hope that you pay attention to the 4 above skin care mistakes that lead to skin damage, and that you take good care of yourself. A little effort makes a big difference.

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