The Power of Cleansing Milk

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Water is the most common and affordable cleaning agent. Oils do not dissolve in water. Consequently, water is not able to purify oil and oily pollutants. People have been using soap for a long time to solve this problem. In fact, soap can dissolve fat deposits in water, and these impurities are washed off with water, as a result of which the skin becomes clean. However, soap also has many disadvantages, as it can dry out the skin. So what is this medicine? To consider..

Soap as a facial cleanser

Soap is obtained by adding oil to an alkaline material. Since 2500 BC, soap-like compounds have been used. The first commercial production of soap with a distinctive trademark began in 1884 in the United Kingdom.

Soap has a good cleansing ability. But it is very alkaline, and its pH is much higher than the pH of our skin. In short, ordinary soap, in addition to removing oil and dirt, also damages the skin’s own oils. The result of frequent use of soap is dryness and inflammation of the skin. This is especially true for people who have major skin problems.

Washing off makeup from the face with ordinary soap and water is a mistake. In particular, this is true for those who clean and apply makeup on their face several times during the day. This causes dryness and peeling. Ordinary soap forms deposits with water salts that remain on the surface of the skin after washing (especially in areas with a large amount of substances dissolved in water), these deposits lead to roughness of the skin.

Cream soap and soap with glycerin are also produced. this soap is better than ordinary soap . Especially creamy soap is better than regular soap. however , they are ultimately soap and have some disadvantages of soap . Frequent use of soap makes the skin dry, red and inflamed.

To solve this problem, soap-free cleaning products are produced of much better quality and quality. There are various cleaning products. Each of these cleaning agents is called a surfactant. Soap-free cleaning products are usually made by mixing several surfactants.

The use of cleansing milk for makeup removal

Facial cleansers are divided into two categories: one without the need for water, and the other with the need for water. This means that some cleansers do not require water to cleanse the face. Just apply these types of cleansers with a cotton pad and apply them to your face. Your face will be cleansed without water. These types of cleansers are especially suitable for cleansing facial makeup.

For those who clean makeup several times during the day, it is better to use cleaning products without water. These cleansers wash off makeup from the face well and do not dry the skin. After cleansing with these cleansers, a protective layer remains on the skin, it is not necessary to wash off and remove this protective layer. This protective layer has moisturizing properties for the skin, and it does not need to be cleaned with water.

You can choose a suitable cleanser depending on your skin type. Cleansing is different for oily, dry and combination skin. For example, makeup remover milk is suitable for cleansing dry skin. For oily and combination skin, the use of water-based cleansers or cleansing gels is more suitable. In addition, the choice of cleaning agent depends on the season of the year. You can take the advice of your dermatologist to choose a suitable cleanser for the skin of the face.

What is Makeup remover milk?

Foundation creams, powders and other cosmetics help to beautify our face, but they also leave harmful chemicals and dirt on the skin and clog its pores, and we must regularly clean it to maintain its health. Soap and water alone are not enough to remove these particles, we must use materials such as fat deposits that affect the smallest particles of these products, remove them and ultimately allow the skin to better absorb oxygen.

These products are called makeup remover oils or makeup remover milk, which include weak and light oils, and they can be used for daily cleansing of the skin.

About 70% of the weight of these products is water, and 30% is oil. They are easy to prepare, they are superior to cleansing creams and are economically affordable. The pH of these products is very consistent with the pH of the skin, and they are good products that do not damage the skin.

What is makeup remover milk used for?

Cleansing the skin with makeup remover milk in the morning and evening, you not only remove impurities and makeup that accumulate during the day, but also strengthen the skin by moisturizing and softening it.

Using makeup remover milk is usually one of the most popular ways to wash your skin. Especially for people with dry and sensitive skin, as it has an important anti-inflammatory, regenerating and moisturizing effect.

The difference from other facial cleansers is that the makeup remover milk does not contain harmful chemicals or substances that can easily irritate certain skin types, such as sensitive and dry skin.

They do not require water to emulsify, and they usually consist of natural ingredients. If you suffer from acne or oily skin, you may find that makeup remover milk is enough to do all the work and overcome acne.

When and how to use makeup remover milk?

As mentioned earlier, you can use it at any time of the day, morning and evening. You will use makeup remover milk as the first step in your skin care routine. Gently rub this lotion into your face and neck and apply to all areas.

After you’re done, also use a cotton pad soaked in water to wipe gently. Gentle make-up remover milk contains mainly a lot of natural ingredients and soothing oils, which, thanks to various extracts such as aloe vera and calendula, will be a good tool for relieving the condition of the skin, its deep moisturizing and cleansing.

How does makeup remover milk work?

Makeup Remover milk is a very gentle product for removing daily impurities from the face, which provides deep cleansing of the skin pores and removal of impurities from the face. Despite the fact that it is used in several stages to cleanse the face, it does not damage the skin and works well.

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