The Ultimate Guide to Treating Period Acne

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One of the signs of body maturity in healthy girls is the beginning of the monthly cycle or, as it is popularly called, menstruation. This monthly cycle, which occurs every month, regulates hormone levels in the body. Along with this monthly bleeding, other phenomena such as abdominal pain, stiffness and breast pain, bloating or pimples and acne on the skin and especially on the face appear differently in different people.In this article we will talk about these pimples and how to recognize and treat them. So, what is periodic acne and how to treat them?

Pimples appear almost a week before the start of the monthly cycle, and when the bleeding begins, their number decreases and then disappears. This happens in almost 65% of women and practically reduces their self-confidence during this period.

These pimples are sometimes large and painful and have a purulent condition, and in some people they look like small or subcutaneous pimples at puberty. There are simple solutions to prevent and treat periodic acne that you can use to maintain your beauty and attractiveness during this period.

What are the causes of acne before menstruation?

The main cause of acne and acne before menstruation are hormonal changes that occur in the body. Every woman should undergo this process every 28 to 31 days so that the process of ovulation and egg storage takes place normally. At the beginning of menstruation, estrogen levels in the body increase, but at the end of menstruation, the levels of the hormone progesterone increase. Before the start of a monthly cycle, the level of these two hormones in the body decreases and the body produces testosterone, which is a male hormone.

The increased levels of male hormones in the body, as well as the changes that occurred during the previous cycle, provoke the appearance of pimples and acne on the skin. In the middle of the bleeding period of the previous cycle, the increase in the hormone progesterone stimulates the glands to secrete fat and sebum, and the skin becomes swollen and inflamed. On the other hand, increasing testosterone levels before and during bleeding will stimulate these glands more and increase sebum production. This increase and release of sebum in some people leads to the transparency of the facial skin, while in others, the appearance of pimples and acne.

On the other hand, the increase in skin fat levels and the appearance of acne cause the immune system to wake up and try to eliminate the factors that cause acne. The immune system action the bacteria present in pimples and acne, and this stubborn struggle will not lead to any result other than inflammation of the skin and the appearance of new pimples and acne.

The use of what foods aggravates the appearance of acne during menstruation?

Eating certain foods during menstruation can increase the number of acne and cause inflammation of the skin. These products include all types of fast food, spicy and fatty foods, as well as fried foods. Eating large amounts of dairy products also causes irritation of these pimples.

Red meat, pasta and white bread are also effective factors in causing inflammation of the skin and the appearance of periodic pimples. Eating too many sweets and sugar also causes acne. To minimize the number of acne, it is better to limit the consumption of this type of food, especially before and during bleeding.

Types of acne that occur in women

In addition to the periodic acne that occurs during bleeding, there are other types of acne that occur outside this period, but for similar reasons. These pimples often heal on their own, but you can use the remedies that we have described in previous articles to control or reduce their number.

Home remedies for periodic acne

With home remedies, you can control periodic blackheads and prevent them from spreading on the skin. In addition, these decisions affect the health of your skin and can have a positive impact on the quality of the skin after menstruation and maintaining its health.

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